A Little Bit About Me

My name is Steve Ackerman.  I was born in fifty-seven.
I started writing poetry when I was just eleven.
I've gotten fairly well at it from many years of writing.
It's, now, become an outreach.  You will find it most inviting.

I have two awesome children, that I love with all my heart.
I raise them, for the most, alone.  We seldom are apart.
I do my best at raising them.  The job is quite demanding.
I'm learning patience, gradually!  I'm gaining understanding!

Ackerman family

I've lived a pretty crazy life,  I don't believe by chance.
There had to be a reason for each dismal circumstance.
My deeds have come together, in these efforts I'm exerting.
To reach the lost and lonely!  The misguided and the hurting!

My outreach knows no boundaries; I will seek my friends and kin.
Don't matter what the gender!  What the age!  What color skin!
My words appeal to many, once they reach their eye or ear.
There's something here for everyone that they should read or hear.

As for me!  Well, I am single, which expands my boundaries broader.
I'm married to my dogs and cat.  My son and darling daughter!
God has a girl in mind for me, I'm sure when it is time.
Meanwhile, I got lots of work, and lots of words to rhyme.

For now, I am a carpenter.  My preference is building decks.
I run the ads!  I bid the jobs!  Design it!  Ad the specs!
I build them in a prideful way!  Before the job is at end,
I try to plant a spiritual seed, and often, I make a good friend.

My home life is hectic!  My yard is a playground!
Here is a typical day!
The neighborhood kids are over here constantly,
wanting my children to play.

They come here to bounce on my two trampolines.
My swing has two pulleys, way high.
The kids come to me and I harness them up.
I actually teach them to fly.

There's usually four.  Sometimes there's six.
On the week-ends there, sometimes, is more.
They love to bounce high.  To swing way out wide.
You should see how their little hearts soar.

They make me feel young!  We have lots of fun!
Here's where the good part comes in.
I tell them of Jesus.  Their Lord and their Savior.
Of how he had died for their sin.

I teach them Karate.  I teach them to exercise.
I teach them good manners and morals.
They tell me their stories!  They, fully, respect me.
I settle their problems and quarrels.

Steve breaking 5 boards on his birthday

I scold them, occasionally, when they're obnoxious!
I make them clean up all their messin's!
I make an impression, they'll never forget.
I teach many valuable lessons!

I reach to the kids, and I reach to the old.
The troubled, the worried and hurting.
I reach, with my words, everywhere that I can,
to the many, who need my alerting.

I take every chance, to tell of Christ's truth.
Of how it will help set you free.
I speak of my life!  How I screwed it all up!
How Christ was the difference for me!

I do it with fun.  Every now and then, humor.
I do it with love and with care.
God gave me a smile, that usually returns one.
It's something I frequently share.

I hope you're inspired, to hear your own calling.
Pray God send you, clearly, his vision.
Until you are called, if you're looking for work.
I'd be happy, if you'd join in my mission!