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A Brand New Software Program

I’m trying to learn this new program.
I had me a pretty good verse.
I must have hit something erasing my work.
Hope it’s for better not worse.

The first one was going pretty decent.
I had, prob’ly six verses written.
Wish I remember the way that they went.
As usual, always fergitten.

Just when I’d mastered my Wordstar.
Something advanced comes along.
Gotta work hard to keep up with the times.
My competition’s quite strong.

Still I believe with persistence.
Hard work, and belief in my skill.
That I can become a great poet.
I truly believe it is God’s will.

This program, I know, will improve me.
My work will be better displayed.
I’ve waited til now to persue this.
It's time I stop being afraid.

Afraid that I might be a failure.
Afraid of cruel people’s critique.
Afraid that I’m not quite as good as I’d hoped.
Afraid I’m not all that unique.

It's time that I blow my horn loudly.
It's time I come out of my shell.
I've so many things I can share with this world.
I've so many stories to tell.

May God bless my words as I’m writing.
Help me to find my success.
Help me stay focused on what I am wanting.
Not settle for anything less.