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A Dream Well Worth Pursuing

I can keep on playing carpenter, for nineteen bucks an hour.
I can keep on struggling like I’ve always done.
Instead I’m doing everything, within my human power,
to pursue a new career while having fun.

I guess that I believe in me or else I wouldn’t try.
I believe, perhaps, I’m gifted some small way.
I want to be a big success, and soon before I die.
To find my long lost happiness some day.

So many thoughts inside of me, that contain so much emotion.
Seems that everyone, ’til now, has liked my works.
The dream I have’s the product of my total life’s devotion.
It’s important I pursue my inner quirks.

If I can change a couple lives, my time has been worthwhile.
If I can bring some hope to one who needs it.
If I can boost some confidence or make somebody smile.
Somehow touch the lives of who it is that reads it.

I finally will be doing, what it is that I like doing.
Something which, at times, I do so very good.
I have a dream that I believe is, truly, worth pursuing.
Something, in my heart, that I believe I should.