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A Gift I Need to Share

Not sure how many words I know.
I do believe I’m gifted though.
Those letter groups I chanced to learn.
Express my feelings! My concern!

In such a way they bounce and rhyme.
It happens to me all the time.
And often there’s a message there.
Full of hope! Of love and care!

That’s come together, painting clear.
A message many never hear.
That comes to them in such a way.
They learn from what I have to say.

A blessing God has gave to me.
To set my thoughts completely free.
To draw a picture loud and clear.
To all who read! To all who hear.

All my suff’ring! All my joys!
All my quiet! All my noise!
All the failures from where I’d learned.
All the bridges which I’d burned.

All the travels! Jobs and friends!
All the sane and crazy blends.
Add some wisdom to my writing.
Making it, sincere! Inviting!

So many poems! Such little time!
So many words I long to rhyme.
So many books I need to write.
So many hearts to reunite.

So many problems to be faced.
Some bad mistakes to be erased.
Some souls in need of being found.
Some other things to kick around.

How bout a line of greeting cards.
Birthday wishes! Best regards!
Children’s books! Perhaps some songs!
That’s where my desire longs.

To touch the world. Retrieve lost souls.
Encourage dreams and higher goals.
Turn lives around! Give cold hard facts.
Inspire wholesome, friendly acts.

Display a love, that few’ve enticed.
Spread the Word of Jesus Christ.
That is what I long to do.
My prayer, some day, I’ll see it thru.