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God Has Gave Me My Assignment

I’ve never heard God speak so loud.
I have a chance to make him proud.
He gave, for me, a chore to do.
A ministry to carry thru.
A chance to reach to hurting souls.
Perhaps relight their smoldering coals.
To give them strength! An ounce of hope!
To show things thru a different scope.
To introduce them to his son,
And all the awesome things he’d done.
He made the call. I took the quest.
To do what Jesus taught me best.
My life’s been filled with so much pain.
Been lotsa good, but mostly strain.
This used to fill my thoughts with shame.
I’ve now attached them to my name.
For there’s a purpose for my struggle.
For all the things I chose to juggle.
God was just preparing me.
The time has come for sharing me.
That others just might learn from me.
Appreciate concern from me.
See their lives inside my mirror.
Overcome their deepest fear.
Find the joy that I am finding.
Stop their lives from more unwinding.
Face their problems, dead in the eye.
Overcome them.  At least to try!
That’s why, I know, my life was ripped.
To see that I was well equipped.
To face the task ahead of me.
So he’ll have no regret of me.
Thru media and Internet.
Publishers I’ve yet to’ve met.
I must get my message out.
That folks know, sure, what I’m about.
The love that Christ instilled in me,
The spirit that he filled in me,
Is there, for them, if they’ll just ask.
That’s my message. That’s my task.
I’ve took his Word. I’ll stand in it.
I’ve got God’s mighty hand in it.
I’ve got a lot of work to do.
Some lives to touch, ‘fore I am thru.
So now to go where God doth lead me.
Hope you’ll take some time to read me.
Perhaps He’ll touch you some small way.
Thru something he’d gave me to say.