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I Have Dreams of Being a Writer

I have dreams of writing.  A poet, in fact.
With good aspirations and morals intact.
To write to the needy, in helping them cope,
in offering love, strength, compassion and hope.

I have had many victories, along with defeats.
I have been down the good and the not so good streets.
I have searched for the answers, and many I’ve found.
I’m determined to share them and spread them around.

My story is worth telling.  How I’ve weathered life’s storm.
I am straight to my points, yet I still keep it warm.
I have been thru the mill on some issues, quite trying.
Have learned lots of lessons.  Been real close to dying.

I live in a world, where I see this great need.
For me to go on with this chivalrous deed.
Too many hearts, that, my words, they are needing.
So many poems, that they need to be reading.

I know I can reach them, with all of my heart.
I have to pursue this.  I must do my part.
For too long, this mission, I’ve, sadly, neglected.
Not enough people that I have affected.

God gave me a power to touch on one’s soul.
By writing, I know, I’m fulfilling his goal.
I vow, from this day, to go gather lost sheep.
This is a promise, I swear I will keep.