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I Have My Ducks in Order

There’s many, think I’m crazy,
what I’m trying to achieve.
There’s those that have great faith in me,
while others don’t believe.

I think my plan’s a solid one.
It’s one that I can’t breach.
An awful lot of people,
I am hoping, I will reach.

I‘ve gave this lots of careful thought.
It’s very clear to see.
How God’s prepared me for this quest!
What he expects of me!

I have my ducks in order.
I have got a basic plan.
Let me, please, explain it to you,
as thorough as I can.

I’ve traveled many darkened streets.
Made many grave mistakes.
I’ve learned a lot of lessons.
I have paid some costly stakes.

In the midst, I’ve found God’s blessing,
fore the devil got my soul.
The dif’rence was apparent
as I gave the Lord control.

I’ve always had a way with words,
to rhythm them while rhyming.
I’ve often known, just what to say,
and often knew the timing.

My feelings, folks relate to,
as they see themselves, reflected.
So often they find good advice
and find themselves affected.

God’s always had his hand in me.
He guides me when I write.
I face these issues, honestly.
Reveal them in God’s light.

I have the same conclusion
in each message I relay.
That Jesus is the answer.
There is, just, no other way.

It’s not enough, I have the words!
That people will believe them!
But now I have to find a way,
to see that they receive them.

I have a plan, to self promote!
To get my words exposed!
Here’s the way I’ll get it done.
The plan that I’ve proposed!

I’m going to all the churches
that will let me have some time.
To offer them, this ministry tool.
To help them make it rhyme.

To see if they will spread my words,
to all they know, who need them.
I’m pretty sure they’ll check me out,
depending how I lead them.

I’m going to use the Internet,
to spread my message far.
I’m going to search on everyone,
no matter who they are.

From newspapers to radio!
Broadcasters and press!
Institutions, everywhere,
that deal with this type stress.

With letters sent thru e-mail,
there are thousands to be sought.
My hopes, that some will like me.
That my vision will be caught!

That they will help reveal my site!
To see my words are spread.
Maybe print some things I’ve wrote.
Let people here them read.

That they’ll send folks to my website
with their highest recommending.
I know there’s some who will respond,
to all the mail I’m sending.

It’s going to take a little time!
Right now it’s going slow!
But once that it takes off, I think,
it’s really going to go.

I’ll spread my books throughout the jails!
The centers for addiction!
The crisis and the counseling centers!
All fitting that description!

Eventually the bookstores,
hope to see them on their shelves.
For those who want to use them,
helping others or themselves.

I’ll hand my cards to everyone.
Some ads, I’ll prob’ly place.
I plan to make this happen
at a very rapid pace.

My prayer, that lives be reached and touched.
To change how they’ve behaved.
That they will come to know the Lord.
that in turn, they will be saved.