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I Know That I Can Do It

I have this dream of writing, words, I know, folks long to hear.
I have so many messages, deserving be made clear.
All this pain and suffering that I have made it through.
Perhaps have been so others may not have to suffer too.

Or if these folks are suffering. Are hurting as was I.
I just might have the words to say, to help them see just why.
Not that I know everything. An expert I am not.
I know I’ve been to Hell and back. I’ve suffered quite a lot.

And down those lonesome roads I roamed, I found along the way.
Thoughts of inspiration that would help me through my day.
Strength in God to pull me through when running out of rope.
Reason to continue when I’d lost all signs of hope.

I’ve had this dream forever and I want to start it now.
To write the things folks need to read. To touch their lives somehow.
This troubled world we’re living in, of grief and broken homes,
might gain hope for tomorrow through the insight of my poems.

With Jesus to inspire me and guide my lines of verse.
Perhaps some light will shine before the problems get much worse.
Some lives might be affected, or around, completely turned.
People just might benefit from lessons I have learned.

I don’t intend on getting rich, nor am I seeking fame.
I want to reach my hand out to those suffering the same.
To offer words of hope to them. My views, to help them see.
To keep them from the same mistakes that did such harm to me.

And so today, I start my quest, to share these things I’m knowing.
To put my best foot forward, though I’m not sure where I’m going.
With Jesus as my guide I know, that he will help me through it.
As long as he is with me there’s no doubt that I can do it.