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If I Am Going to Succeed

I given up my carpenter tools. Decided to go a new route.
I’m going into the banking field, though, I’m not quite sure what it’s about.
I know I am tired of swinging a hammer. I know that I need a big change.
I know if I’m going to be a success, there’s much that I must rearrange.

I know that my head, has got to stay clear, of all of the drugs and the booze.
That’s usually the case, in whatever I try. Of whether I win or I lose.
I have a new start, full of promise and hope. So much that I have here, to gain.
So as for the booze and the drugs of my past. It’s pertinent that I abstain.

I then have to study, to learn what I can. So I can accomplish my quest.
To service my clients and all who entrust me. To give them my absolute best.
To stick to a schedule and work it devoutly. To follow up every lead.
To do it sincerely! Honestly! Eagerly! With one goal in mind, "to succeed".

To learn from mistakes, and to learn from successes. To do it with patient consistence.
To do all the steps and to do them completely. Standing strong in the face of resistance.
To just do my best, day after day, with God as my guide and my friend.
He is the key, to these goals I have set. The result I’ll achieve in the end.

His Word, I must read, to replenish my soul. Assuring me, he’s always there.
His voice I must hear, as I ask him for guidance, seeking his help thru my prayer.
I know I must serve him with all of my heart. In turn I am sure he will bless.
All that I do, if it’s truly his will. I know he’ll assure my success.