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If I Could Get Oprah to Notice

Been writing my poems, since I was a boy.
I ironed things out, in return, found some joy.
I’ve shared them with many who’ve joyed in them too.
I believe it’s what God, had intended I do.

To reach to those souls who, their lives, are so low.
To share what it took me a lifetime to know.
To make a big difference, by offering direction.
To speak thru my rhymes and to make some connection.

I know what I’ve got, but not sure how to share it.
Spent many long hours, in trying to prepare it.
I thought on this long and I thought it’d be nice?
If Oprah took interest and gave her advice!

I know if she looked at this, deep and sincerely.
That if Oprah could catch my dream!  Picture it clearly!
That I could touch millions by sharing my text.
Oprah, please tell me, what I should do next!

People relate to the words that I write.
I speak to their hearts.  I relate to their plight.
I offer them hope when they’ve none of their own.
They find a good friend, when they feel so alone.

It’s like casting a spell with my words as my wand.
People break down and, so often, respond.
I reach to these people whose dreams are depleted.
And offer them hope, they, so desperately, needed.

I share these small books, as my funds will allow.
I want to get published but can’t figure how.
It’s urgent, I do this, before it’s too late.
Please, Oprah, respond to me!  Don’t make me wait!

Not fortune nor fame, do I seek in my quest.
I just want a chance to be boldly expressed!
To touch many lives, in a positive way.
I won’t let you down, Oprah,
What do you say?