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I’ve Got What It Takes

Got a tidy little office.  It’s as big as I, now, need.
Got a six year old computer, with a printer, yes indeed.
Got my pencils sharpened.  Got my yellow notebooks too.
Got books on motivation and I’ve got this need to do.

Do something dif’rent.  More expressive.  Something suiting me.
To do the very thing I need, to set my spirit free.
To do it, spite what others say.  Time to beat my drum.
A poet, I believe, I am, whose time has finally come.

I know I’ve got the talent.  Got the feelings.  Got the time.
Got a meter in my head, and lots of words to rhyme.
Nothing else expresses me so vivid and so pleasin’.
A world of hurt and loneliness.  A got a real good reason.

I got a little boy, age four.  A daughter, almost two.
I want to spend much time with them.  Share in all they do.
I want to be successful, to provide for them, my best.
What better way than writing, where I feel so deeply blessed.