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I’ve Simply Got to Do This

I have simply got to do this.
I have got to get me thru this.
I am confident, I truly will succeed.

Just some wild, crazy dreams.
Hope that ain’t the way it seems.
Yes, a dream and one I really, truly need.

I know that I can do it.
Now it’s time to get down to it.
I can do it good and I can do it fast.

For too long I’ve chose to doubt it.
Now there is no doubt about it.
I must make up for my unaccomplished past.

Too many people’ve said it.
‘Bout my verse, once they have read it.
That I should seek my work in publication.

I been hearing it for years.
I been curing it in tears.
It is time that I pursue this destination.

I won’t know until I try.
Still I see no reason why.
I should hesitate pursuing this endeavor.

God has put it in my heart.
Now is time for me to start.
If I do not do this now, I’ll do it never.