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Makes Writing So Much Fun

I’m learning a whole new program.
One that arranges my writing.
Takes it from everyday paragraph form.
To poetry live and exciting.

Words race through my head, never ending.
The rhymes seem to fall into place.
The program provides me alignment in margins.
Puts all of my words into place.

I make a mistake, it’s no problem.
Corrections are easily made.
Everything’s laid out before me.
Very precisely displayed.

Seems I can even add pictures.
Ain’t gotten that far in my learning.
Really just scratchin’ the surface.
Still lots of loose pages need turning.

Can’t wait to learn it completely.
Work all of its tools and its tricks.
Take me some time and researchin’,
‘fore everything totally clicks.

Once that it does, hold on tightly.
For I am pursuing my dreams.
I’m not one to take this work lightly.
I will take it to all my extremes.