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My Mission is Clear

My head is so full, It’s about to explode.
I’m ridin’ my Harley, enjoying the road.
Counting my blessings as fast as I can.
Talking to God, unfolding his plan.

Going thru the doors, he has opened before me.
Doing His Will as I let him reform me.
Taking in full, what he gave as his mission.
Preparing to do me a whole bunch of fishin’.

Digging in deep to the plan he’s unfolding.
Playing the cards, my whole life, I’ve been holding.
Drawing his spirit, deep into my soul.
Lighting lost lives and reducing sin’s toll.

Thru magnitude thinking and spirit-filled actions.
Positive thinking and blind to distractions.
Heeding my calling, the best I can do it.
Taking God’s plan and then following thru it.

Giving my life to my God and my Mission.
Doing the things that my Savior is wishin’.
Making a difference before I am taken.
Soothin the hearts of the, so many, achin’.

It’s obvious that’s what God planned and intended.
To see broken lives, to some point, somehow mended.
With so much to do, I must get it in gear.
I haven’t a doubt!  My mission is clear.