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My Purpose I Have Found

I think of the places that I might have went.
How most of my time was so unwisely spent.
I think of the things, now, that I might have did.
Had I stayed away from the drugs as a kid.

I’ve beat myself up almost all of my life.
My own self-perspective; the base of my strife.
I look at the efforts; the failures; the cost.
Regret all the things I had quit or had lost.

I’ve been my worst critic and beaten me down.
Losing my smile and gaining my frown.
This problem I’ve hidden for most of my days,
Has caused my successes, continued delays.

The past that once shamed me, I chose to reveal.
To let people know who I am!  How I feel!
These struggles I’ve known.  They have not been in vain.
They were meant so that others might not share my pain.

This country’s a mess—so I made this stern choice,
That I will write poems and develop a voice.
To one day be heard far as media will allow.
To make a big difference—start doing it now.

This life I’ve regretted, I’ve turned to a quest.
Forgetting my worst—going forth with my best.
I had to find reason for losing my way.
I’m done with this price I have forced me to pay.

God gave his anointing.  His mission is clear.
Face up to your facts.  Speak to all who will hear.
Inform all you can where life’s roads go and end.
Believe in this message I’ve gave you to send.

So, now I am answering God and his call.
How else could I’ve made any sense of it all?
With him as my witness and calling each shot.
I owe it to give him the best that I’ve got.

So help if you will—or get out of my way.
I’m going after souls and I’m starting today.
Go ahead—call me crazy, insane or deranged.
There are too many lives that must, somehow, be changed.

I’ve found my life’s purpose.  I’ve got a big break.
I got a vast call and a mark I must make.
Pray for my message extending widespread.
That God touches hearts with each word that is read.