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One a Day

If I would just write me—one poem a day.
If that were one law I would always obey.
Find something inspiring, I long to express.
Or troubling issues I need to address.

No pressures, no searching for just that right poem.
Just doing my thing—where I feel so at home.
The more that I write, then the better my chances,
of someday improving my life’s circumstances.

I truly believe—I have got what it takes.
I’ve been through the mill. I have had some bad breaks.
I’ve met lots of people. Got into their heads.
Did lots of romancin’. Shared lots of girls’ beds.

Lived lots of neat places. Seen lots of neat things.
So many fond mem’ries attached to my strings.
All these caged feelings in need of escape.
My pen and my paper to give them some shape.

Errors I’ve made. Hard lessons I’ve learned.
Advice I could share with those somewhat concerned.
Positive changes I know I could make.
If only the time and the effort I’d take.

Shining some light to those still in the dark.
Rhyming God’s Word—as to give it some spark.
Besides being good for my conscience and soul.
I might just achieve this obtainable goal.

Success as a writer to be my carreer.
Failure no longer a hamper or fear.
Won’t know til I try—if my efforts will pay.
So starting right now…
I will write one each day!