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To Leave This World a Little Brighter

So many different things I’d done.
Some caused me pain and some were fun.
Some victories along the way.
Some prices that I had to pay.

Failures scattered here and there.
Memories of dark despair.
Highs that never stood the test.
I really never gave my best.

Desiring to do much more.
My heart was one, God meant to soar.
A lover!  Poet!  Dreamer!  Fighter!
With dreams to leave this dark world brighter.

Thru long, hard lessons I had learned.
To share the wisdom, I had earned.
To touch my readers, one by one.
To change a few before I’m done.

I know that I can do so much.
So many lives that I can touch.
God’s made it clear, for me, my mission.
Painting clear this poet’s vision.

I see this person, stuck in jail.
Knowing only loss and fail.
Hitting bottom, hard as rock.
With dreams and goals they’ve to unlock.

Looking for some wise persuasion.
A poem I’d wrote, for that occasion.
Waitin’!  Wantin’!  Dreamin’!  Hopin’!
Only need their eyes to open.

God’s Word to touch their withered spirit.
Rhymed by me to help them hear it.
Once they find their hope is found.
Their life, just might be, turned around.

Their family might just benefit.
Their lives might change because of it.
Their misery replaced with joy.
From discipline that they employ.

A brighter home with brighter lives.
Brighter children!  Brighter wives!
To shine on all the lives they touch.
To touch them in a way that such…

That all around them are affected.
From that one-life being resurrected.
That’s the dream of me, the writer.
To leave this world a little brighter.