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Time to Make It Happen

My family sees all of my downfalls and shortcomings.
They keep me aware of them all.
No mention of strengths or the goodness within me.
Why do they make me feel small?

It’s time I assembled the best of my assets.
Time that I turn me around.
Time I break free from their shallow opinions.
Break free from these chains keeping me bound.

My talents are broad and my dreams even broader.
Time I pursue what I yearn.
As much as I know, I am not quite that boisterous,
to admit I have so much to learn.

I know of my weak points. I’ll turn them to strong points.
My ship is preparing to sail.
Though I’ve lost in the past, it has only prepared me.
It’s my time, I believe, to prevail.

My dream is worth following. It’s well in the making.
Now to just give it some steam.
Full speed ahead. Never look back.
Eyes locked, tight, on to the dream.

I’ve waited so long. I can’t wait no more.
My dream for too long has been nappin’.
So starting today, I will give this my best.
My dream, I will make it soon happen.