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This Writer’s Prayer

In the end, dear God, this is my quest.
This is the thing, that I do best.
This is my strength, and my heart’s delight.
I love my words and I love to write.

My feelings, here, are well expressed.
My issues, faced, and well addressed.
You talk to me as I am writing.
Make my words, alive!  Exciting!

It’s good because it comes from you.
Your hand’s in ev’ry poem I do.
I pray, please, keep me motivated.
Keep my words well orchestrated.

Keep all evil from my pen.
Be with me as you have been.
Thanks, each time, for lifting me.
For loving me and gifting me.

Help me use my gift, now, Lord.
To see you praised and well adored.
To spread your Word the best I can.
Give, to me, a lifelong plan.

Give me strength to climb your hill.
Give me faith to do your Will.
Give me wisdom, thru your Word.
Give me chances to be heard.

Let the glory go to you.
Let me boast not what I do.
Let your spirit loose in me.
Please, dear God, start usin’ me.

Bless my efforts, in my writing.
Help me get the church uniting.
From Satan, God, please keep me guarded.
Help me get revival started.

Help me get this church a-growing.
Stay with me and keep it going.
Spread my word throughout the land.
Help me do as you had planned.

Thanks, God, for this inspiration.
For Holy Spirit, motivation.
Keep the demons far from me.
As I fulfill, my destiny.

Thanks for Jesus, who set me free.
Who died upon that cross for me.
For showing me, just, how to live.
For all the love you freely give!