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Eat Smart

Are you even aware of the foods that you eat?
Are you getting your proper nutrition?
Are you eating to better your physical self
or worsen your current condition?

Are you eating to build you a body that's strong
or dragging it down 'til it fails you?
Are you up on your diet and how it contributes,
to everything out there that ails you?

It somewhere is written. A statement quite short.
A statement so fully complete.
A statement to always remember and live by.
The statement, "you are what you eat."

If you eat the right foods and receive your nutrition,
good health will await you for certain.
If you're constantly eating food that is harmful,
it won't be long, you will be hurtin'.

So if you're not eating as good as you should be,
it's time that you made some amendments.
Consider the harm that you're causing yourself,
by having a junk food dependence.

Beginning today, alter your diet.
Make it of balance, complete.
Remember once more, as I told you before.
The statement…

"You are what you eat."