A Powerful Ministry Tool

I would like to encourage you to spend some serious time at my site.  To honestly take your time and as you explore it, please consider all the possibilities that this site has to offer to you.  If you go into it deeply you will be educated on drug and alcohol issues, depression, divorce, single parenting, anger, joy, and so on....  You will get it straight from someone who's been there, done that.

Through my poetry, God speaks so clearly to me.  As you read, please be thinking of people that you know, who might benefit from my lessons learned.  Perhaps God will speak clearly to them, likewise.

The more that I envision this website and the power of the Holy Spirit revealed in my poems, the more clear it is becoming to me that this website is not only a good ministry tool for me to reach out to others with; it is one that anyone can use to reach out to others with.  First of all, let me make one thing very clear.  You can make a difference in someone's life, if you choose to do so!

More than likely you know several people who would benefit from my words.  Read the poems!  Trust me!  The people will come to mind as they are described to a "T" in the words I have written.  Once you find the poem and are reminded of the person it fits, share the poem with them.  Recommend the site and the poem that you have in mind.

As you become a minister for the Lord, you will likewise find that you are encouraging them to find God's strength and joy by reaching out to others as you have reached out to them.  Any outreach effort is pleasing to God.

I want to start an outreach fad, where it is cool to reach out to your struggling brothers.  Where it is hip to be a good, nice, pleasant person.  The more people getting involved, the better this world of ours is going to be, in the long run.

Take some time to explore it and see if you can recognize the outreach ministry opportunities it opens up to you.  There is a lot of strength, hope, encouragement, inspiration and spiritual guidance in the pages of this website.

Don't overlook this opportunity to make a difference in this world.  It might just be someone close to you, whom you effectively reach out to in the end.  If they, in return, effectively reach out to someone, you have, in a sense, touched two lives in a positive way.

And what joy there is in seeing the sinners come home to the Father!  To see the shattered lives being put back together and the smiles returning to the faces!  It just might be your face that the smile returns to.

Right now you have available to you everything at this website to read, recite, share, print, whatever you would like to do with it.

I am currently uploading mp3 sound files to my site so that an audio recital of each poem will be available along with the written copy of the poem.  By using the audio files it can be used as a reading enhancer, teaching the user to properly recite the poetry, giving it the fuller effect and benefit.

Sound files can be burned onto a CD for ministering purposes.  The more I can do to make this an effective ministry (easy for the outsider to pick up on and advocate) the better.

Satan is winning the battle, I fear, at times.  We can, need to, and will make a difference in this spiritual battle we are in against him.  I will not let up until I see him defeated!  Christ already won the battle; now, it is our job to let that fact be known.

I wish you success and God's blessing in your outreach efforts, be they great or small.  Every little bit helps.  Don't ever forget that.  In this day and age, a friendly smile and a handshake is a good start.

Steve Ackerman