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Be Appreciative

Close your eyes in public sometime, just to quick remind.
Of how your life would change if you would wake up, one day, blind.
To live your life in darkness. All the limits put on you.
It makes you kind of thankful, for your eyes, and what they do.

Or enter in the deaf man's world. Try covering your ears.
Quietness and silentness are all he ever hears.
Like being in a silent movie. One that doesn't end.
Straining just to share a thought, and, likewise, comprehend.

How about a wheelchair with the loss of both your legs.
A drunkard in the gutter or a poor man as he begs.
A body filled with cancer or some other fun disease.
Aren't you glad for who you are? Ain't your life a breeze?

Appreciate these simple things, at times when you're complaining.
The sun will shine upon you even though, outside, it's raining.
Replace the way you're feeling from life's constant aggravation.
With one of solemn gratitude. Of deep appreciation!