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Lessons For Living

© 2002 Steve Ackerman

Included in this section are poems written beginning on March 27, 2002. They are intended to provide encouragement and admonition for the young, but as always, they are touching the lives of many people of all ages.


Never Forget What's Important
Don't Overdo a Good Thing
A Fountain of God-given Wisdom
Associate Not With the Sinful
It Helps if You Think Like a Child
Use Them or You'll Lose Them
Life is Full of Lessons
What Have You Got to Fear
Get to Know Yourself Better
Believe in Yourself
The Water of Which We are Made
Do Good
No-one Likes a Bully
The Hardest Job of All
We Need to Be There for Them

Some Positive Thoughts You Can Ponder
Be Appreciative
Be Happy
Be Persistent
Be Positive
Dare to Dream
Discipline Yourself
Eat Smart
Educate Yourself
Experience Life
Follow the Yellow Brick Road Map
Get Enthused
Get Organized
Hard Work Will Get You There
Stress Not
Time is a Factor