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No-one Likes a Bully

I was just a little fella, growing up and going to school.
'Twas there that I had realized, how children can be cruel.
I still recall the memories, so absolute and fully:
The fact I was degraded by some thoughtless, stupid bully.

I never really liked those guys. The truth - most people don't.
There's those they will intimidate, while others that they won't.
What goes around will come around. I've learned that this is true.
There's always someone bigger! Tougher! Bullier than you.

I'd like to send a message to the redneck, brawling bruiser.
So long as that is how you are, you'll always be a loser.
Don't know what screwed you up like that. Why you are such a mess.
You must have ugly issues to admit and to address.

From what I've seen, most bullies have a brain that's not completed.
They find their selfish pleasure, seeing others are mistreated.
Just keep in mind, you bullies, God will judge your bad behavior.
It's attitudes, a lot like yours, that crucified our Savior.

There's this little thing called Karma: what you give is what you get.
The bullying you do today, you, one day, will regret.
The best thing, as a bully, you can do to those who meet you,
Is treating them exactly as you wish that they would treat you.

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