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We Need to Be There for Them

Our children are God's blessings.
It is up to us to raise them.
When bad, they need correction.
When they're good, we need to praise them.

At times, we have to act like parents.
Strict! It just depends.
And then there's times, more delicate.
We need to be their friends.

We have to teach them right from wrong.
To play, but not to cheat.
If we don't take the time for them,
they'll learn life on the street.

The lessons that they need to learn,
they need to hear from us.
One lesson they don't need to learn -
and that is fear of us.

We need to teach them courage.
To instill good morals too.
We need to be involved with them,
in everything they do.

We need to watch them closely,
long as they are ours to keep.
We need to love them dearly,
and to let it sink in deep.

We need to watch the words we say.
No hurt should we inflict.
We need to have a set of rules,
enforced but not too strict.

We need to hear their problems
and relate to their despair.
The fact that we're concerned for them,
they need to be aware.

They must be our priorities.
So delicate, this role.
Our needs must be adjusted
if we're going to reach this goal.

If we do not stay close to them,
then I am sad to say:
These children that God gave to us,
will wander, far, astray.

Their lives get tossed and thrown about.
They learn to fall and fail.
They end up using drugs or booze.
They often go to jail.

They end up living lonely lives,
for which they're not prepared,
'Cause dad or mom neglected them;
They never showed they cared.

To parents, who are reading this,
I hope you're doing your part.
I see these kids, abandoned,
and it really breaks my heart.

If you are doing what is right,
then you are, truly, great.
If you are not, then turn around,
before it is too late.

I know the job's a tough one
we could, sometime, just forget.
Still, it's one, that, when well done,
you never will regret.

To lose your kids' affection
'cause you didn't do your chore -
I can't imagine anything
could hurt you any more.

The moral of this story
is as plain as it can be.
The thing to do as parents
is so obvious to see.

Love your kids as God loves you.
Let them know you care.
Whenever they're in need of you,
assure them you'll be there.

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