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Discipline Yourself

Habits are so hard to break. You've prob'ly found this true.
You try, to no avail, it seems there's nothing you can do.
The situation's hopeless. Is there just no way to win?
Without a doubt, there surely is. The answer—discipline.

You try and try to get ahead, but something holds you back.
Just when you think you've got it going, you find yourself off track.
The plan you'd made, has gone astray. Oh, what a mess you're in.
The blame, I think, again you'll find, is lack of discipline.

Discipline is doing what you set your mind to do.
Discipline is working hard, to see the plan come through.
Discipline is focus on the goals that you have set.
Discipline is pride in place, of personal regret.

Think of what you'd like to do. Think what it will take.
Think of all the benefits. Think of what's at stake.
Play the game sincerely, like it's one that you must win.
Again, it's going to take hard work, and lots of discipline.

A habit you would like to break. Make the vow today.
Tell yourself "no more of it", then make it go away.
This time it shall be easier than it has ever been.
The simple reason being, your resort to discipline.