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Dare to Dream

I see it happen every day. It should be made a crime.
People dying needlessly, and way before their time.
They die but keep on breathing. It's their zest for life that dies.
Life is short. To fully live. Why can't they realize.

That dreams are what we live for. They will keep the spirit young.
They bring hope to those who've lost it. They recall the songs we'd sung.
They keep the mind an active thing. They keep us young at heart.
If you have not been dreaming, I suggest that you, now, start.

For dreams are what connect us to the stars that light the sky.
Dreams will keep us answering the constant question, why?
Dreams will give you hope for life. Hope for all of man.
Dreams will give you goals to set. Life, ahead, to plan.

Dare to dream! Believe in them! Do it! Start today.
Disregard what people tell you. Who are they to say.
Dreams are ours, and only ours, to faithfully conceive.
And often they will happen if you only just believe.