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Use Them or You'll Lose Them

Your body is your temple. It is where the spirit dwells,
For as long as you may humanly exist.
The figure you're maintaining has a story that it tells,
Whether exercise is something you resist.

Your body is a work of art. You mold it as you please.
But in many cases, people just abuse it.
They lay around, get lazy, while they stare at their t.v.'s,
And it doesn't take too long, before they lose it.

The overweightness takes control. Their muscles start to sag.
With their muscles go their pride, their self esteem.
And life becomes a chore to them. A daily rut! A drag!
As the problem grows to be of great extreme.

It doesn't have to be that way. It's something you can change.
First of all you have to have sincere desire.
You need a form of exercise. A workout to arrange,
That will get the firm results that you require.

Your muscles must get tired. They must feel a total strain.
You must push yourself, and push yourself some more.
It's going to seem a lot like work. And even more like pain.
For a while you will feel a little sore.

But soon, your effort starts to show. The pain all goes away.
The workouts turn to something you enjoy.
You notice how you're shaping up, a little every day,
from the efforts that you daily do employ.

Finally when you've reached your goals, you've got you looking good.
Everyone you know is thoroughly impressed.
Your workouts will continue, 'cause it now is understood:
You must exercise to be your very best.