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What Have You Got to Fear

There's something that all of us carry inside,
Something that's holding us back.
Something that plays on our efforts at life,
Something that takes us off track.

Something that keeps us from taking a chance,
Something that narrows our person.
Something that doesn't get better in time,
Something that, always will worsen.

It's something you're born with. A natural emotion,
One you expand as you grow,
One that you would have been better without,
One it's a shame you must know.

One that distracts from, how good your performance,
Making your thinking unclear.
By now you have probably figured it out:
The topic I speak of is fear.

Of course you will fear if your life is at risk.
There's something quite wrong if you don't.
The problem is when we desire to do,
but fear what might be, so we won't.

Those silly old fears that we'd carried around,
The ones we had learned as a kid,
The ones that had stopped us from doing the things,
we wish, now, that we would have did.

Why do we have them?  Go to the source.
Is this a fear you desire?
And how is it helping you?  What are it's benefits?
What might it help you acquire?

And how is it hurting you?  Holding you back?
What might it be, you are missing?
What are the things that you wished you'd have done,
that you, still, find yourself reminiscing?

And what might you do then to rid you of it?
Make this the wish that exerts you.
Make it a challenge to change it to something
that works in your favor, not hurts you.

Make it a reason for making an effort;
Do it, by starting today.
And those fears that, forever've been holding you back,
will slowly start fading away.