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Lessons For Living


Having being diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus and knowing that it is potentially lethal, creating an uncertainty of what tomorrow might hold, yet having two young children to raise, I felt inclined to write a series of poems giving the best advice that I could muster for my children to read, memorize and apply to their lives. The advice not only applies to young people but old and teens alike can learn from the God given insight offered on these pages. To me these are obvious lessons that I truly believe that more people can apply to their lives in making them happier, more liked, and more successful in their endeavors wherever life may take them.

I receive my inspirations from the Bible, both Proverbs and Jesus' teachings. From my daily devotionals and from my own personal experiences. Before sitting down to write each poem I pray that God will fill me with his spirit, inspire me with the content and anoint the order, points and words that come together in the process of assembling these poems. They are simple lessons on everything from good living, to bad habits to avoid, virtuous attitudes to concentrate on and work towards, but most of all to encourage and inspire all who read it to set higher goals towards building more virtuous morals and ambitions, in getting through these sometimes dark episodes that we call life. If able to follow this advice, it makes for less regret as we get older and look back on our lives.

I always said, if I knew then what I know now, how much I would do things different. I am a believer in growth and change. I believe in building on strengths and eliminating weaknesses. I do my best to listen with sincere empathy, to understand to the best of my ability, and to encourage and teach to the extent that God allows and enables me to do.

I hope that you enjoy what you read, and that there is something in it for you that has an impact, for the better, on your life. Whether it be getting closer to your parents or children, quitting a harmful habit or acquiring new, healthy practices, I hope and pray that you will find something in here to hold on to, that might affect your life in a positive way. If that is accomplished, then this book was worth the time that it took to write it. Happy reading! May God bless you!

Steve Ackerman