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Hard Work Will Get You There

What are the things that you're longing in life?
What are your dreams? Your ambitions?
What are the steps you've been taking, my friend?
What are your rules? Your conditions?

What are you doing, to better your life?
Is your heart full of joy and contentment?
Are you full of love? A song on your heart?
Or bitter with gloom and resentment?

Life isn't easy. No bowl of cherries.
Fact it is, often, quite tough.
People give up, too easy, too often.
They don't live their lives full enough.

Life is a gift, that is meant to be savored.
Lived to the fullest each day.
The work that you do, is accounted to you,
by the time that it leaves you to play.

Hard work is the way that you get the things done,
that you say, every day, you will do.
Hard work is the key to success, to the top.
If that's what's desired of you.

Hard work is the dif'rence, 'tween winning and losing.
Of all that you life will consist.
The difference of possibly having it all.
Or of having to, only exist.

The choice is a simple one. What will it be?
It's time that you sit down and faced it.
Will you do good with the rest of your life.
Or sit back and, more or less, waste it?

Glory is out there. Yes fortune and fame,
are waiting for me and for you.
Let the decision, you make today,
forever affect what you do.