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The Hardest Job of All

Did lots of construction! The labor was straining!
Worked out in the cold! Worked when it was raining!
The work was demanding! It was downright exhausting!
I've worked for another! Done also the boss thing!

I worked in the sales field. Another tough work place!
Here you were able to work at your own pace.
The harder you worked, the more money you earned.
The more that you gave it, the more it returned.

I've worked with my mind, while I rested my hands.
No physical output. Just mental demands.
Here, too, was a job, that I felt lots of strain.
Mentally, though's where I noticed the drain.

Of all of the jobs that I had, none compares
To raising my children. Attending their cares!
Talk about meeting terrific demand.
It wasn't as simple, at all, as I'd planned.

The duties are crazy! Where should I begin?
How 'bout with their bellies, and what we put in?
You cook what is good - what will make them grow strong,
And force them to eat it. Is that right? Is that wrong?

They need to learn hygiene, to smell and look nice.
On all that they do, you must have some advice.
You're constantly cleaning or laundering clothes.
Your tolerance level, either shrinks or it grows.

When they were just little, they used to take naps.
But now they make messes to fill in those gaps.
You have to check school work. Get into their head.
Get them cleaned up and then get them to bed.

They want your attention. They want their own way.
You have to take time and be sure that you play.
It's hard and demanding! A lot is at stake!
It's truly full time! There is never a break!

It's tough of a job as a person will know.
It's one that I love, though it don't always show.
Lots of tough jobs in this world, I have did.
But none quite as tough, as is raising a kid.

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