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Never Forget What's Important

Life is a winding and twisting road.
With lots of adventure and seeds to be sowed.
Each day, there are choices that we need to make.
Risk to be questioned and chances to take.
Whatever you do and wherever you go.
Whoever you meet and whatever you know.
Always keep "what is important" in mind.
Live with the happiness, most never find.
Keep your priorities, as God had intended.
See that he's first, that he isn't offended.
Lean on his strength in whatever you do.
To him, be thee humble.  Believe in him, true.
Family comes next, lest we never forget.
Respecting our parents, avoiding regret.
Loving our children.  Our spouses, and kin.
Anything less is committing a sin.
After that, go to work and provide for your needs.
Wherever you go, planting positive seeds.
Leaving a smile with all that you meet.
Every encounter, a memory sweet.
Negative energy!  Always abstain!
Don't be the cause of emotional pain.
Live out your life, as it was God had planned.
There's joy in obeying God's awesome command.
By now you have probably figured it out.
Be happy my friend.  That's what life's all about.
So many good fruits in this life to be tasted.
A life lived unhappy's a life that is wasted.
If you are unhappy, even half or one quarter.
Your priorities, obviously, are not in order.
I hope they are something that you'll rearrange.
You can truly be happy, if you will just change.
Do what it is God's expecting of you.
Ask for his guidance, whatever you do.
With practice, make being happy, a habit.
God gave you the chance.  I suggest that you grab it!

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