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Get to Know Yourself Better

We spend our whole lives, acquainting ourselves.
Meeting folks.  Getting to know them.
We learn of their habits, their bad points, their hardships.
We notice it as they outgrow them.

We have an awareness, better than they.
In our minds we've assembled a list.
But how well acquainted, are we with us,
and all that our lives do consist?

Stand in the mirror.  Look at yourself.
Are you fully content with the picture?
Notice the blend of ingredients there.
What do you think of the mixture?

Are you satisfied, now, with the life that you lead?
What might you do to improve it?
What is the obstacle holding you back?
What might you do then to move it?

The person you are, is the person you choose.
Listen and go where your heart calls.
Assemble your assets!  Put them to work!
Eliminate all of your downfalls.

You are important.  Very unique!
It's important that you believe that.
If you are not happy and full of self love,
I think you should work to achieve that.

Sit down with yourself.  Have a long talk.
Talk to that person inside you.
Figure out why you have locked them inside,
Why you did choose to divide you...

From being the person that everyone sees,
The person the world has accepted,
While locking your greatest desires inside,
The feelings to which you're connected.

Learn some expressiveness.  Set yourself free.
Walk, if you must, on the wire.
Spread your wings wide.  Come out of your shell.
Live as you truly desire.

I've spoken my piece, but it isn't enough,
by simply just reading this letter.
You must open up to that person inside.
Make an effort in knowing them better.