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Life is Full of Lessons

Each day, life hands us lessons.
Sends us problems.  Gives us tasks.
It gives us many questions,
to ourselves, that we should ask.

It's filled with pains and pleasures
in the midst of our emotions.
It tempts our faith and loyalties.
Creates some firm devotions.

So many, many lessons
God has gave for us to learn.
So many misdirections
we so easily could turn.

Such narrow roads to follow
in pursuit of doing good.
So many things to "shouldn't"
and so many things to "should".

A life so full of choices
with good fortune and bad breaks.
To know which plan to follow.
To arrive at what it takes.

Some habits, surely harmful,
That to quit has been our goal.
Things we want to change but can't,
for we have no control.

Some people learn their lessons
and move on from their mistake.
While others seem to never learn,
as if they're not awake.

The wise ones take these lessons
and they do these things no longer.
While others just ignore them,
growing weak instead of stronger.

Life is one big education
that is hard to understand.
Learn from where you are right now,
The task you have at hand.

Each problem that confronts you,
make the choice to do what's right.
Always try to see things in
God's brightly shining light.

Every day's a test.
How you are loved!  How you are paid!
Depends upon the choices
you will make. The ones you've made.

The best advice, I know,
that I am not afraid to give:
Let God speak softly to you.
Let him show you how to live.