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It Helps if You Think Like a Child

With all our acquired, keen wisdoms,
As parents, we think we know best.
We dictate our child's each movement.
Relentless, we give them no rest.
Expecting them to think just like we do,
"Do this" and "do that", we demand.
Sometimes we must think like a child;
If we could, we just might understand...
Why it is that they do things so often,
The same things that, seems, drive us insane.
You make your point clear, still your wondering
Why it can't find it's way to their brain.
Sometimes we must sound like trained parrots,
Repeating ourselves all the day long.
Then our kids act like we never had said it,
As we question, where did we go wrong?
Think back to when you were a child,
Of things you were shown and were taught.
You accepted the ones that made sense, then.
There were others, to this day, that you fought.
Most the time we must sound like an ogre,
Always harping, "do this" or "do that",
Always thinking we're righteous, demanding.
When our kid don't respond, they're a brat.
As a full grown adult, I will tell you,
that I don't like being told what to do.
It's no wonder my kids get rebellious.
When I think of it, I would be, too!
When I think in the way that my kid does,
My response is more likely correct.
When I do that, I notice a difference.
'Stead of anger, they show me respect.
The answer, I have found, is so simple:
Take the things that you learned as a kid,
As if you were one, then explain it:
The results of those dumb things you did.
Let your children control some time playing.
Do whatever they want you to do.
You will see a neat side of your child.
A reaction, so different, to you.
Keep it positive, in your responding,
With a calm voice, both friendly and soft.
Pay attention to things you might not have.
Take an interest where, once, you had scoffed.
These things make incredible difference.
Treat these people like kids, not possessions.
Try to think like a child, more often.
Let it show in your words and expressions.
Let them know they are loved and are cherished.
Be their parent and be their best friend.
You will raise a good kid in the process.
You'll be proud (and be loved) in the end.