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Get Organized

Ever had a lot to do?
You ran until the day was thru.
When it was done, 'twas then you realized.
You'd ran until you hit the wall.
You'd hardly done a thing at all.
Perhaps because you were not organized.

You missed that big appointment, there.
You'd lost the paper, saying where,
the address was, that you were supposed to go.
The person, then, got most annoyed.
The whole dang deal, had been destroyed.
And all because you tried, but couldn't show.

You try to make him understand.
Excuses don't supply demand.
You lost his business to the competition.
And then you try to act surprised.
If only you were organized.
Your business wouldn't be in this condition.

This time you say your lesson's learned.
You're tired, now, of getting burned,
although you know, you've only you to blame.
And so you sit and organize.
You plan your days out very wise.
And suddenly your business ain't the same.

It's running smoothly. Like a clock.
By George, it's only one o'clock.
The day is hardly even, half way thru.
It's funny, when you organize.
Production's always on the rise.
Yet still there's time for things you like to do.