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Don't Overdo a Good Thing

In this world, there are many pleasures,
God has gave us to enjoy.
When used in moderation, fine,
but in excess destroy.
So easy getting all caught up,
in things, to us, so pleasing.
It's when they take control of us,
to where they are diseasing.
We know that food is needed,
to maintain our vital health.
Money, too, is needed.
Some are poor and some have wealth.
Wine is nice, in context.
Here and there, in small amounts.
Sex, when it is proper,
and has all the right accounts.
A little bit of all these things,
is how God meant it be.
It's when we lose control,
that we're committing gluttony.
It then becomes a trouble
that can ail us all our days.
Affecting those around us
in impacting, hurtful ways.
Too much food is surely hurtful
to our health and to our weight.
Try to use a little discipline
while filling up that plate.
Use your sense in what you're eating,
if it's good for you or not.
Ask God to bless the food and
give him thanks for all you've got.
Too much money, being a problem.
Most will prob'ly disagree.
The money ain't the problem.
It's the love for it, you see.
The more you have, the more you want,
no matter what the cost.
No matter who you step on
or what boundaries you have crossed.
And wine, was meant to soothe you.
To be used in moderation.
Not to drink it daily, nor
for your intoxication.
A glass upon occasion
was the way that God had meant it.
When I see the lives it's ruined,
I can't figure why he sent it.
Sex, done with the right person,
when the time and place is right,
Is something God intended,
for his children's pure delight.
When used for recreation,
it is damning and it's wrong.
It's lost it's special purpose,
it was meant for all along.
There are several other pleasures.
I have named, for you, a few.
Don't get me wrong.  Enjoy your life.
Just, please, don't overdo.
Find your pleasures everywhere,
wherever you may go.
When gluttony comes tempting you,
be strong and tell it "no".

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