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Be Persistent

Be persistent! Don’t give up! Words by which to live.
Reach the goal by giving it the best you’ve got to give.
Quitting is a dirty word. It’s sad that it exist.
In times of pure frustration, it is better to persist.

Persistence is respectable. I hope it is your quest.
Persistence is what it will take, to do your very best.
Persistence is an attitude, of knowing you will do.
Persistence is a quality, so capable of you.

Yes, I know it’s, sometimes, tough. At times you feel disgrace.
No matter just how hard you try, you fall flat on your face.
Are you the type of person who, then, quits and tries no more.
Or one who makes an effort, even harder than before.

Remember things won’t always work, the way you think they shall.
Keep in mind that sometime, down the road, you’re going to fail.
Failure is important. For success, it’s what it takes.
For how are we to learn if we’re to never make mistakes.

Please don’t get discouraged, if your road’s a little tough.
Bite your lip and realize, you knew it might get rough.
Forever, be persistent in whatever you may do.
Regardless if you reach your goals, you’ll be a better you.