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Follow the Yellow Brick Road Map

Do you dream of doing well, a life of true success,
Financial independence and a life of happiness?
You know you have it in you, and for years you prob'ly knew it.
Yet never took the action. You were not sure how to do it.

It's really not that difficult. It's only common sense.
Of course you'll have to work at it. At least to some extents.
To get to where you want to be. To close that narrow gap.
You'll have to plan your life out clear. You'll have to draw a map.

Start with where you are in life. Your income! What you do!
Then figure where you want to be. What you expect of you.
Then what it takes, to get you there. The roads that you will take.
Commitments strong, and sacrifices, you will have to make.

Set your goals! Per year! Per month! Per week! Per day! Per hour!
Building blocks accumulate, to form a giant tower.
Focus on each goal you set. Expand on what you know.
You won't believe the change in you. How much that you will grow.

The road may seem a long one, but I think you'll be surprised.
How fast that you arrive there once the plan is exercised.
You'll find yourself attaining goals, you never had conceived.
And you will find your heart's content, in what you have achieved.