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Associate Not With the Sinful

It's important to always be friendly,
to everyone that you might meet.
There's some you will like more than others.
In choosing your friends, be discreet.
It's true that we all are born sinners.
There are those, that to sin, is their way.
They know of God's rule for their living.
Yet they, boldly, choose not to obey.
They sin like they haven't a conscience,
Not caring for who they might hurt.
Beware of these troublesome people,
and the sins which they daily exert.
You might want to mention their sinning,
To speak of the laws God had sent,
To offer his gift of salvation,
with hopes they'll confess and repent.
There's some who'll respond to your offer,
Truly grateful, that you'd chose to care.
There's others who'll mock what you tell them.
Those are the ones to beware.
Avoid them and how they are living.
Don't follow their mischievous way.
Don't let them mislead or deceive you.
Instead, let them know you will pray...
That God will change how they are living,
That he will instill a new heart,
Make clear that, once they've let that happen,
a good friendship might possibly start.
If you choose to be friends with a sinner,
Be careful, whatever you do,
That the sin that your friend is committing,
does not start to rub off on you.