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Stress Not

You have an awful lot to do.
A lot of folks, who count on you.
A family that, on you, depends.
Some close and very, true, good friends.

A business that is, so demanding.
Pressures that just keep expanding.
Money things to worry 'bout.
Things to do, that won't run out.

Worries that you shoulder, tough.
You do so much. Still not enough.
It's all these things that make us stress.
Perceptions that we need, address.

So much is our how we see each thing.
Depends if joy or stress they bring.
If all is seen in Jesus' light.
The outlook always seems more bright.

Christ must be a constant fixture.
Always in our hasty picture.
That's the dif'rence. That's the fact.
Determines just how you'll react.

Patience is a virtue, friend.
All will form and shape and blend.
Long as Christ is in the center.
Patience, I believe will enter.

Joy will be the end reward.
God, the goal we're headed toward.
Life is good. It's meant to play.
Have yourself, a wonderful day.