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Time is a Factor

Time is quite the factor, in accomplishments achieved.
For results we have to take the time to do.
By taking time and doing, so the task all comes together.
It is something we are proud of when we're thru.

It is when we cannot find the time, to do those things we please.
We're too busy in the line we all accept.
When, really, it's a matter of a time we could have used.
but instead we found it simpler to neglect.

That's why it's most important, that you manage all your time.
It's important that you have a daily plan.
To cover all your bases, and to leave no stones unturned.
To accomplish, all it is, you know you can.

Completing your priorities. Your secondaries too.
That should leave a little time for purely pleasure.
So long as you do everything your aching heart desires.
These are times that you'll remember, and you'll treasure.