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The Water of Which We are Made

It covers our planet by over two thirds.
Now listen, please, close, to these critical words.
It makes up our bodies.  'Round seventy per cent.
It's colorless!  Tasteless!  It hasn't a scent.

We use it for cleansing.  For washing our dishes.
It's home to all sea life.  Some mammals!  All fishes!
It's used in our cooking.  We freeze it for cooling.
On days when it's warm, it's a must if you're pooling.

It's essential to life, it don't matter what form.
When we drink it, it's cool.  When we bathe, it is warm.
When we hear about Jesus and the truth is realized,
We're immersed in it fully when we are baptized.

It cleanses us thoroughly.  Inside and out.
Now here is my question, what this is about!
With what I have told you, then what is your thinking,
And just how important's that water you're drinking?

On top of all that, are you drinking your fill?
They say half a gallon, you daily should spill.
Eight to ten glasses, will quench what you thirst.
It seems like a lot, and it will be at first.

Think hard of the liquids you daily consume.
You must be real anxious to get to your tomb.
The soft drinks!  The coffee!  The sugar!  Caffeine!
Cause dehydration.  So what's it all mean?

Your muscle and all of your organs within,
Your heart and your liver, your lungs and your skin,
Are all made of water.  They depend on supply.
The soda and coffee make everything dry.

When it's dry, it don't function as well as it should;
No wonder so many don't feel all that good.
Their bodies are filthy, in need of some scourging;
A diet of water is good for the purging.

Of all of the poisons that lie in our bones,
The creaks and the snaps, the sore muscles, the groans,
Can all be reduced if folks did what they "oughter",
To, daily, start drinking eight glasses of water.